MS Excel Training

MS Excel Training

MS Excel has become a vital part of many jobs. Like any tool, it can be a time-saver or a time-waster. Get your people up to speed fast with a practical seminar, led by an instructor with real-world experience. Every seminar covers both theoretical and practical application of Excel’s vast abilities.


 Level 1: The Basics of Excel

Get up to speed fast with this class, designed for people who haven’t been creating their own Excel workbooks, new beginners, and staff who need a quick refresher.

  • Understand the basic abilities of Excel.
  • Understand the basics of good data management in Excel.
  • Learn to sort, filter, and report data effectively.
  • Find more efficient ways to do the basic work of managing your information in Excel.
  • Make your Excel reports polished and easy to read.
  • Get to the data you need quickly and reliably.
  • Present your data in graphs that communicate the most important points.
  • Create Excel workbooks that make doing the work easier.
  • Crunch numbers easily with basic formulas and functions.
  • Work with worksheets and calculate between them.

This seminar is available as hands-on (computers in the room) or as demonstration format. Whole and half-day options are available.

Level 2: Beyond the Basics of Excel

The Level 2 class is for people who already understand the basics (formatting, formulas/functions, sort/filter, etc.), and builds on what is covered in the Level 1 class.

  • Use Pivot Tables to easily summarize your data.
  • Dig into complex data sets to find important trends.
  • Use Excel tables to quickly turn your raw data into a finished product.
  • Create macros to automate tasks in Excel – less work for you!
  • Protect important information from prying eyes and accidental changes.
  • Deliver data to MS Access for deeper analysis.
  • Use advanced functions to gain more control of Excel.
  • Learn tips and tricks to become more efficient in Excel!
  • Control your filters with Advanced Filtering.
  • Compare data on multiple worksheets.

This class can be delivered hands-on (computers in the room) or demonstration format, and is a full-day session.

Level 3: Advanced Excel for Power Users

This workshop is built for groups who already know how to perform the common functions in Excel, and digs deeper. The format is designed for more question-and-answer, problem solving, and addressing specific issues causing problems in Excel.

  • Dig into advanced Pivot Tables.
  • Deep dive into functions and formulas.
  • Find solutions specific to your work.
  • Use database functions to quickly dig into your data.
  • Create dashboards for your users, to quickly summarize what they need to see.
  • Build Pivot Tables using multiple data sets.

This workshop can be delivered hands-on (allowing each participant to work with their own files) or as a collective group session (the entire group working together to solve specific issues – only 1 computer in the room), and is a full-day session.

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