Presentation and Public Speaking

Presentation and Public Speaking

Most people fear speaking in front of a group. Yet, in today’s business world, it is important to be able to communicate effectively to a group. That means more than just being able to read off a screen or a piece of paper – it’s about getting your ideas across quickly and without confusion.

Presentation Skills for Managers

Managers need a wide range of presentation and communication skills. They will speak to their team, upper-management, project groups, and maybe groups of customers. Each of these audiences needs a different approach, and the most effective managers will be able to handle all of them.

Concepts commonly covered include:

  • What should I present
  • How much detail for each group
  • What AV to use – and when to use it
  • Preparing for the allotted time
  • Keeping meetings on track
  • Delivering bad news to a group
  • Making promises without over-committing

This workshop is flexibly designed, to be adaptable to the needs of the attendees. It can be delivered as a half-day, lecture-style training or as a full-day session with more examples and some role play/practice. (Multi-session formats are also available, to allow more complete practice.)

Presenting with PowerPoint

PowerPoint has become one of the most common tools for presentation. It is almost assumed that every presentation, update, and training session will have a slideshow of some sort. This seminar will help reduce the over-use of these tools, and ensure they are effective support for the message when they are used.

  • Know when to use a slideshow – and when not to
  • Decide what belongs on a slide for each type of presentation
  • Learn to give your presentation without reading from the screen
  • Use PowerPoint (and other tools) in a way that doesn’t bore your audience
  • Learn the 5 most important rules for building a good slideshow
  • Discover the 7 basic rules for business speaking

This can be delivered as a half-day workshop or a full-day session. The half-day workshop is appropriate for any presentation software, as it does not cover how to specifically use PowerPoint, but how to make the best use of presentation software in general.

Essential Public Speaking and Storytelling

Learn to deliver compelling presentations, speeches, and stories in any environment. This workshop is designed to help develop vital public speaking skills, increase audience engagement, and help presenters get their message across more effectively.

  • Learn to use stories and examples to reinforce key points
  • Keep your audience engaged and interested
  • Get more comfortable standing in front of a group
  • Learn exercises you can use to practice before speaking
  • Stop fearing the audience
  • How to use your voice to keep their interest
  • How handle interruptions and the unexpected
  • What to do when you mess up
  • How to learn your presentation, so you don’t have to read it
  • How to create your notes and use them on stage

This can be delivered in many different formats. A half-day session can be used as a quick crash-course or refresher. A whole-day session leaves some time for practice. A multi-session format can be used to promote long-term development.