Wilderness Retreats

Wilderness Retreats

Want to get focused on business, without the distractions of everyday life? How about a retreat with a coach/consultant to help you work through those important decisions challenging your business?

Take a trip back to nature with our president and founder, Gerry Seymour.

Pretty black and white dog standing on a rock
Phoebe on the rocks.

There are a few formats we’ve found helpful.

  • For a quick excursion, a long day-hike is in order. Probably including a dog. Her name is Phoebe.
  • For a more intense change of pace, try a multi-day backpacking or camping trip. Phoebe might come along for this, too.
  • For a more organized group experience, perhaps a weekend in a cabin out in the woods, with running water (and maybe electricity), but without electronics. And probably with a dog. Because Phoebe really wants to go.
Pretty black and white dog on the trail
Hiking with Phoebe

This isn’t a pre-set format. Gerry will work with you to choose the right length, setting, and activities. What is set about it is that electronics mostly aren’t used (including your phone), and there will be outdoor activities (hiking is almost guaranteed). These retreats are about changing things up and spending some time in a more natural surrounding, to help reduce stress and allow for a change in thinking habits.

Obviously, we don’t control the weather or nature, so there can be challenges with the excursions. In fact we always assume there will be some. Those challenges – and how we all deal with them – are part of the process.