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PeopleScience™ Coach certification program

NOTICE: The next PeopleScience™ Coach Certification class is scheduled for 17-19 August 2015 near Asheville, NC. General registration will open in late June (around the 20th), after the invitation-only registration period closes. Watch this page for update.

Our PeopleScience™ Approach is at the heart of what we do at QuantumPoint™. Over the years, we have integrated it deeply into our coaching methodology, creating a full suite of tools and techniques that leverage the behavioral science basis of the assessments our coaches use. We are now offering full coach training and certification programs.

Standard PSC Certification Package

The Standard PeopleScience™ Coach certification package includes:

  • 3 days of live, in-person training
  • Webinar/teleconference training
  • Assistance with prep for first client – $100 value
  • DISC certification (Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst) – $1,499 value
  • Behaviors (DISC) manual – $69 value
  • A personal coaching session – up to $200 value
  • Access to DISC assessments at a discounted price – up to $22.50 each
  • 3 free fDISC assessments for practice – $202 value
  • Discounted access to additional certifications classes (including return visits) – unlimited value
  • Access to on-going training sessions and webinars
  • 10% discount on coaching programs – $600 value
  • Coaching toolkit packed with useful documents and tools – $299 value
    • Debriefing guide
    • Tools for values, goal-setting, communications, etc.
    • Sample contracts
    • Client tracking forms
    • Client evaluations
    • Pre-screening forms
    • Coaching plan outlines

Premium VIP Certification Package

The VIP PeopleScience™ Coach Certification Package includes everything in the standard package, plus…

  • 2 private coaching sessions with Gerry Seymour – $400 value
  • Coaching library (5 key books for coaches) – $100 value
  • Private access to new training modules and webinasrs as they are released
  • DISC workshop facilitator’s kit w/ 10 workbooks – $1,475 value
  • 5 additional free DISC assessments – $337 value
  • Certification return visits at cost-only – unlimited value
  • Additional 10% discount on coaching programs (20% total!) – up to $500 value

DISC Certification

DISC certification – Many coaches and trainers are discovering how effective DISC is when teaching communication skills, teamwork, management skills, and many other topics. If you need DISC, but not the full PeopleScience™ Coach program, the Certified Professional Behavior Analyst certification program is ideal for you. This program will teach you to use DISC effectively, and to communicate the basics of the DISC model to others. The standard pricing for this highly recognizable certification is $1,499.

We offer a basic DISC self-paced certification package, which includes:

  • Behaviors (DISC) manual
  • Video modules
  • Binder with slide deck and notes
  • Practice exam
  • Online exam to become certifid

If you have questions on any of these programs, or if you need us to bring one of these programs directly to your organization, contact Gerry Seymour directly at 828.490.4500.