About Gerry Seymour

About Gerry Seymour

Gerry Seymour, president and principal consultant of Quantum Point, founded the company in January 2011 and still personally leads both the consulting and small business divisions.

Gerry’s personal mission is to help leaders foster both success and life balance for themselves and those they lead. “I think it’s ridiculous, the hours many managers feel they have to put in to meet expectations. In the long run, that’s a waste of good people. It costs productivity and increases crisis-mode management. It doesn’t have to be that way. Balance is not a myth.”

Gerry started his consulting career in 1992, while still in college. He got a start with a small consulting firm in Spartanburg, SC. He worked with that company for more than 12 years before leaving to start a series of small businesses. While leading the Quantum Point team, he still enjoys doing his share of the training and consulting. “Meeting the people we affect – getting to work at the front of the room in training for an Excel class or a leadership seminar – that’s still one of my favorite parts of the business.

Gerry lives in Hendersonville, NC with his wife, Maria Kuroshchepova, and their seemingly endless accumulation of pets. He also teaches martial arts classes when he’s in town.

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